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A crown is a fabricated tooth that looks exactly like a natural healthy tooth. Made of porcelain, crowns are used to cover discolored or misshapen teeth, to cover and support a tooth weakened by too much filling or after a root canal, and to strengthen teeth to support bridges. After your damaged tooth has been prepared, a crown fits like a cap right over it.

Bridges are artificial teeth made from gold, alloys, or porcelain that literally bridge the gap left by missing teeth. When teeth are lost to decay, gum disease, or accident, your remaining teeth have a harder job of chewing and helping you speak. Bridges not only restore your smile they provide essential support for your whole mouth and facial structure. Attached to surrounding healthy teeth, bridges can be permanent or removable.

When all or most of your teeth are missing or decayed, a full denture is in order. Made to replicate your teeth when they were complete and healthy, dentures keep your mouth healthy and provide support for surrounding muscles. A complete denture can improve your facial structure, taking years off your appearance.


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